“Mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all”- Joe Pulizzi

Have you tried the best marketing strategies but failed to execute your content? Content marketing can be a very powerful tool if used in the best possible way. Though anybody can write content but fail to document a strategy can haphazard things. Content marketing can pull the social traffic with the magnitude unimaginable. It can increase the conversion rates up to a great extent and also improve the search engine ranking.

Content marketing campaigns should address two main questions i.e. “What are you doing?” and “Why are you doing?” Think of content as a path where your readers travel. If there are too many roundabouts and diversions, the reader might get lost. Thus, content has to be planned despite its form in which it is conducted. Content can be expressed through emails, newsletters, blogs, social media, landing pages etc.

“Are you making content or are you making a difference?”-Jay Baer

Thus, here are the eight effective content marketing strategies that can help you build your business:

1. Set defined objectives: Understanding the need of content is more important than drafting the content. Discuss as why you started writing something at the first place?

2. Identify your target audience: A right type of audience is crucial. It’s more like a lock and key where the audience should feel that necessity of reading it.

3. Audit your content: Coming up with more and more content can definitely improve skills but going back and checking their real-time performance is as important as writing it. Audit the kind of response it is getting in this fierce competition.

4. Have brainstorming sessions with your own ideas: If you have an innovative idea think before you pen down. Brainstorming with your own ideas can be effective.

5. Look for the content type: Content can be written and delivered in many formats such as emails, newsletter, blog, article etc. but not every type suits every business. Identify the type that suits your specific requirements.

6. Manage your content efficiently: Calendar down the successive gap that your audience needs. Let the content be absorbed by your regular readers. Flooding too much content or sharing too less can affect the mindset of your audience. Maintaining a balance will be the better choice.

7. Effective Call to action: While posting your content you get a chance to send your message directly. You can ask them to subscribe your newsletters, blogs, or enroll for a program online, or read your next blog on your website. This shall engage the customer.

8. Tracking the indicators for conversion: Identify the content type and kind of engagement that got you maximum conversions. It could be a video content that engaged your audience or a blog that hit a reader’s mind. Next time, your approach can be more focused.

Thus, a content marketing strategy can be used as a way to communicate to your readers directly.

“Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing”- Rebecca Lieb




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  1. nice blog , quite informative and on the point.

  2. Good points though I think that it could use a little bit of information. I think it should be important to make your content AESTHETICALLY pleasing on all platforms ie. mobile, desktop, tablets and others because everything looks different on various devices. In this article : https://www.ignitur.com/create-content-engages-audience/ , they go further into detail about how to create content that will engage your customers and how these strategies will help bring your website attention. Both this and Ignitur’s articles make a great resource to look back on when figuring out content marketing strategies.

  3. I enjoyed reading this blog post. It was inspiring and informative.

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