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Best Marketing Strategies in India

Every region has a different flavor of its own. Before framing the business-associated strategy, they have to modify essential elements of their products & services as per the demographical demands. As we understand that the product & service has to be in line with the consumer’s expectation, they need to be marketed as well accordingly. Firms should seek help from brand development companies to develop a robust brand image. Branding campaigns should also be complemented by a strategic marketing strategy to convey an accurate brand image to consumers. History has proved that if a product is marketed well in its lifecycle, it can flourish & sustain in a stronger manner. 

Let us examine a few marketing strategies:

Brand Recognition

Prominent brands in the Indian market always give due importance to the process of generating brand awareness for themselves. Brands such as Cadbury & Maggi are perfect examples of this. They have been doing a conscious marketing campaign to generate & sustain awareness regarding their brand. The business should have definite strategies to cover aspects such as brand localization, brand building & awareness generation. Newly found firms should conduct press conferences & events to create buzz around their launch in the market. Depending upon their brand positioning products should be made familiar to the respective audience. For example, if a brand is launching a perfume of luxury segment, it should generate awareness drive in the affluent segment of the society who would be their probable targets.

Price Sensitivity 

It is a vital element concerning Indian commercial space. The consumer should feel the value of the product while checking or using the same. Appropriate branding or marketing comes to the rescue of the brand at this point. Companies should have a ready list of attributes of the product to justify their pricing & associated market placement. When we speak of price justification, the lower middle class & middle-class segment is the most sensitive owing to their limited resources. Especially products where status & luxury is not involved people become hyper-conscious of the price they are paying. Therefore, companies either should place their products within the average pricing range of the market or should be prepared with a solid justification for the uniqueness of the product. 

Demographic Elements 

Middle, upper-middle & affluent class of consumers in urban India has a high demand for products offering high quality & value for money. On the other hand, the rural market is yet to see such a level of service in various sectors such as health, hygiene, goods & services. This fact makes one thing clear that there is immense opportunity to grow in the rural market for many companies. Firms should form a robust strategy to penetrate this market to gain maximum benefit. Most companies make this classic mistake of targeting a market, which is already saturated. Businesses should aim to design & launch a product/service, which appeals to the rural consumer. 

Logistical Factors 

Brands should always consider the logistics related advantages & disadvantages under consideration. For example, if road situations & geographical layout is poor in a particular zone, certain kinds of products & services cannot be made available easily. On the other hand, if some particular region has excellent infrastructure for easy access, any business can flourish. One thing is still true that India is still a developing country. Owing to its currently ongoing journey towards progress, certain kinds of hurdles are expected. However, businesses should be mindful of targeting a region for business expansion & should evaluate the logistical factors critically. Having adequate public infrastructure is extremely important for the growth of any province. That is why any product or service should be formulated after understanding the resource availability in the target market.

Product & Service Flexibility 

It is essential in determining the fate of any brand. Business owners should keep reinventing their offer portfolio to match the requirements of the consumers. Understanding the mindset of clients & trending dynamics is very important for sustaining in any market. Companies should either seek support from external branding companies or their internal marketing team for the continuous process of restructuring of brand image. For instance, Coca Cola has been shifting gears since inception. It has been portraying a different brand image for a simple soda beverage. They have been successful in attaching strong perceptions & emotions with their brand identity. Their continuous efforts of changing the face & feel of the brand have helped them to maintain their dominance in the cola market. 

Marketing, Branding & Advertising of the most important strategies is to have a clear bifurcated strategy for marketing, branding & advertising. Businesses should have a thorough understanding of the difference between these three activities. There are external bits of help available in the market to execute each of these with utmost professional efficiency. However, no business should ignore or bypass any of the tasks, which can result in a disaster. The language, local cultural framework, along with symbolism, should be considered before framing strategies around the same. We always recommend companies to adopt the local flavor in their marketing & branding campaign for making it more relatable. This will undoubtedly add recall value for the brand in consumer’s memory.


India is an exceptional market, which offers an immense opportunity for businesses to expand their commercial sphere. After analyzing all these strategies, one can easily say that marketing plays a vital role in creating & developing a brand. Any business owner who wishes to grab a fair share of profit in his segment should take help from a professional branding expert. There are many branding companies in Delhi & other prominent cities to help these businesses get on track in terms of an effective marketing campaign. One essential & fundamental requirement is to frame strategy & putting the same to use in an efficient & timely manner.