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App Store rankings are the key to driving an increased number of downloads and keeping it consistent. According to a report, the majority of mobile users download new apps by browsing through app recommendations on app stores. Your apps can turn up in recommendations if it has a top app ranking and consistent download rate. Digital Marketing & Mobile application downloads go hand in hand. There are various Digital Marketing factors which affect your app store rankings on different mobile application stores. They are explained below.

Major Factors Affecting App Downloads

When you develop an app and launch it on an app store, there are many different factors which could affect the download response. In general, these are the factors which highly boost your app ranking. The factors are written below:

  • Icon
  • Title
  • Screenshots
  • Description
  • Preview Video
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Keyword Distribution
  • Rate of Download

How to boost App rankings

Content Optimization is the key to rank higher in search results and a bespoke digital marketing strategy. Whether it is via SEO for websites or app boosting strategies for individual mobile applications. There are millions of applications available for the user to download and whether your app will be downloaded among the millions of options, depends on the quality and the way you present your app in different app stores. We have broken down the major app ranking strategies to help you achieve good app quality and boost downloads to make your app ultimate success:

Keyword Optimization

If you know a bit about using keywords, you are already aware of the fact that keywords can be formed of at max 100 characters. The position where you place keywords also affects the ranking of your app so you should put the major keywords first and then the minor ones. An integral part of digital marketing, long-tail keywords help the most for low-level search competition. Before selecting the keyword you include, analyze the competitors of the same category and what the top ones are using. You will get an idea of the most useful keywords. You can also use. Below are some tips about using keywords efficiently in various aspects of your app.

  • The Title: The title or name of the application is the first thing a user will notice. The title of your app should be capable of implying the purpose of your app. It should not be dull. A small but effective keyword in the title can do the deed. For example, WhatsApp Messenger, Messenger is the keyword in this title. If anybody searches for ‘messenger’, WhatsApp will definitely turn up in the results, and that is how the keyword is very important for the title of your app.
  • App Description: Mobile Application Description is an important key factor for the users and also for different app stores to recommend your app in search results. You should use keywords in the description but make sure they are properly distributed and not used too much. It states the functions and purpose of the app. When a user opens an app page, at first he will only see the initial 2-3 lines of description followed by a read more button. The first lines should be engaging enough to make the user click on the read more button.

Icon Design

At times, the user will judge the app on the basis of the icon only. If the app icon is dull and unappealing to the user or may ruin the user-interface of the target device, you will lose a potential download because of it. The icon of your app should be appealing, meaningful and at the same time, simple and beautiful to match the user interface. The icon should, in a glance give a clue about what the app is about and is it related to. For example, Instagram’s icon is a beautifully animated camera which clearly states that it is photography related app.

User Reviews and Ratings

In the major app stores, user ratings and reviews are the key factors to turn up your app ranking in recommendations. And most of the users install a mobile application after seeing how much stars it has been rated on average. Most of the users download an app after reading the reviews about whether it is worth it to give the app a chance or not, so if you want new users to try your app, there should be overall positive review more than negative. There are certain key points that you can apply to improve and increase user reviews and ratings.

  • Optimize your app according to the feedback given by users.
  • Keep your app up to date with latest technologies.
  • Prompt users to rate your app by using plugins in the app, but when and where you prompt a user is very important. A user doesn’t want to see a rating popup as soon as he launches the app for the first time, you should smartly time and organize the prompts like maybe when the user has used the app for a certain time or when he has completed a task or used a feature fully in the app.

App Store Optimization

Good ASO is very necessary for increased download rates. ASO is the technique of optimizing your app for a certain app marketplace. It has certain factors like optimizing keywords, screenshots, and descriptions, etc. Good ASO can drive a huge amount of downloads for your app.

Optimizing the user experience locally

This one is a complex technique but is also majorly beneficial. You should implement features in your app dedicated to different countries of the world. The most common is providing the local language selection in the app. By implementing local features in your app, you can drive millions of downloads from all over the world and this will definitely drive your app ranking up in app recommendations. A common example of this is the Google app, if you select news on it, it will show you the majority of news related to your locality and this is a really good feature. This is sometimes also referred to as localizing your app.

Marketing on other platforms

  • Social Media: Everybody is active on social networking nowadays. And social media marketing is very necessary for digital marketing. You should promote your app in online forums and create official support pages on networks like Facebook and Twitter which are widely used.
  • Web Presence: You can promote your apps through your website and gain more downloads.
  • Paid Promotions on Blogs: Sponsored or paid app promotions drive a huge traffic to app downloads. Websites like, always do paid promotions for apps. You can also contact a website for paid promotion of your app.
  • Guest Posts: Some websites also accept guest posts which are published for free or in exchange for a backlink on your website. Finding a website to publish your guest post is quite easy and beneficial.

Aside from all these factors, you should regularly update your app and provide the user with latest improvements and technology. The user experience of the app should be as smooth and convenient as possible. There are millions of apps on the major app ecosystems of Android and iOS and use of app ranking boost strategy with which you can stand out to boost app downloads and increase your app ranking stats is necessary. We hope you will be easily able to follow the factors while optimizing your apps now. If you may have any questions or digital marketing suggestions regarding ASO, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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