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What Are The Best Ways to Get on Top of Google Search?

Are you the owner of a startup or a small-medium enterprise? Did you just signed up for a new website but not sure how to get it on the first page of Google? Well, the competition is fierce when it comes to being among the top 10 websites during a search. It is not impossible though if a person follows the best hacks that can favor the ranking.

“Social may be sexy but search still pays the bill” -Tom pick

Here is a list of 10 ways you can get on top of Google search:

1. Use a domain with .com: According to statistics, more than 84% of the top ranking websites end with the .com domain. These URL’s play a crucial role when the search engine looks for a brand.

2. Indulge your audience with blogs: Blog can be medium for interacting with your target audience directly. Find what your audience is looking for and post the most relevant content. This will help in generating traffic for your website.

3. Content marketing: Content can be shared either on social media platform or through newsletters, mailers, and press releases. This will not drive the traffic but will help in engaging them on the website for a longer time.

4. Descriptive URL’s: Every developer should build static URLs instead of trying for dynamics. The URL should contain the basic and relevant information of what the web page is about. Avoid using random letter and number.

5. Web page title: The titles of every web page matters. Every time a search engine looks for content, it is the title that indicates what the page is about.

6. A quick loading site: A site with heavy images and too much content will slow down the loading time. This affects the ranking, therefore, every developer must use Google PageSpeed Insights to know what Google recommends for the loading time of a page.

7. Mobile friendly website: More than 80% of the consumers reach for the mobile site rather than the desktop view. This makes it necessary for every developer to build a mobile-friendly website. If the website is on word press, install WP Touch for an automatic mobile version.

8. Use 301 directs: There is significance with 301 and 302 redirects. If you redirect your website page with 301. The search engine will pick the SEO activity from the new address where all the content has been shifted. This shall impact the ranking of your website.

9. Place sitemaps on websites: Every website should have an XML sitemap. This helps the search engine to know what the website is about.

10. Keep a check on content length: There is the direct relationship between the ranking of the website and the content length. Google recommends more than 1000 words on every web page for a higher ranking. An in-depth analysis of a topic that is relevant for your audience can generate high traffic.

“Great content deserves great ranking”

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