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Brand Repositioning Examples in India

Branding is like putting the soul in the body. It offers better recall value & lead conversion ability in the market. We rarely think of the extensive deliberation & hard work happening in the background of building & running a brand. No matter how ignorant a consumer is, a few brands still succeed in making their mark in the memory of people. Several branding experts are working hard every day to infuse new life in almost dead establishments. Such reinvention is necessary & proves to be a game-changer for these brands across markets. With the help of a brand development agency, companies put immense efforts into rediscovering their market positions & the results have been very promising. 

Repositioning examples where brands were successful in transforming their image & face: 

Hutch to Vodafone 

It was indeed a massive transformation that happened in the history of commercial space in India. Outdoor branding, internal branding within the organization & media branding occurred on a grand scale & in the most rapid manner. During 2007 when Vodafone purchased Hutchison, it went out to every point of purchase & branding to transform it almost overnight. The Indian consumer has not struggled in remembering that Hutch is now Vodafone owing to this well planned & executed media campaign.

Hero & Honda

Soon as Hero & Honda decided to part their ways in 2011, Hero did a vast transformation exercise. They changed their logo & slogan by giving it an Indian touch. They used red & black colors alongside sharp designing to convey solidity, energy, passion & confidence. This campaign was backed by the strong digital spread, which went viral instantaneously. Unlike their earlier positioning where the national tone was neutral, Hero ensured that they communicate their pride of being the Indian brand is conveyed to its consumers. 


It changed its image, which always promoted females in the most traditional avatar. To break such a stereotypical approach, they deliberately took up a campaign to support the modern clan of women. They ran a much-known campaign dedicated to women fighting the rough battle against cancer. This campaign was titled as bold & beautiful, which gained tremendous popularity almost immediately.


They took a small pause & transformed its face & look in 2016. They changed their logo & tagline to sustain against the immense competition of Amazon &Flipkart. Their new tagline “Unbox Zindagi “is indeed catchy, but they have a long way to go against the stiff competition. 


They have been in India for several decades with a rich legacy dedicated to quality. To get a fresh look & identity, they changed their logo appearance in 2008. Instead of the maroon color, they chose a pink, blue & green logo to make it look more contemporary. This transformation did an excellent job in combination with their venture into various new sectors such as real estate.


They have been very active & open in terms of changing its brand position. They have undergone such a transformation more than once. To position themselves as a friendly brand, they came up with a tagline saying “HarEk Friend ZarooriHotaHai” which gained a fair share of popularity. Hence, alongside the range of packages to satisfy the smart-phone crazy generation, they also gave due importance to the image of their brand. 

Axis Bank 

UTI mutual fund was a very successful venture in the Indian Financial market. As soon as this establishment decided to expand a brand in the banking sector, UTI Bank was born. To give an independent identity & personality to the UTI Bank during 2007 Axis Bank’s name was adopted. This well-integrated marketing campaign ensured that the brand name Axis Bank gets a strong spot in the memory of Indian Consumers. 

India Post 

Post has been enjoying immense market dominance in the Indian Logistical market. This establishment wanted to break the stereotypical image of being a slow seven lethargic government organization. Hence, they transformed their Logo alongside a fresh tagline saying “Giving Wings to Your Dreams” to convey a strong message to the Indian Public. 

Cadbury India Ltd, 

They are the largest chocolate brand in the country that has been loved by consumers of all age groups. They have been pioneered in coco cultivation activity in India. Since their inception in 1948, they have consistently seen progressive curve upward in expanding their business. The company faced extreme opposition during 2006 when they were facing allegations of having worms in their chocolates. Almost immediately, they took preventive & corrective actions & changed their packaging method. Along with the same, they launched a massive marketing campaign with Amitabh Bachchan on board. The campaign was a great success & helped the brand regain its strong market reputation. 


This brand has been successful in sending us back to some sweet nostalgic state of mind. The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) accused this brand of having the lead & monosodium glutamate above the permissible limits during 2015. To everyone’s surprise, rapidly this news was spread in the market like wildfire & Maggi was off the shelves for several months. Despite this massive set back, they kept the cord live with their consumers. A series of videos with hashtags WEMISSYOUTOO were launched by the company to remind its consumers of the good time they had while having their product. Certainly, this campaign was a success & people get its beloved Maggi back on market racks.


We are certain that such examples will be a great source of inspiration for all the business owners in the market. As we saw how these brands reinvented & repositioned themselves, things can turn-around if done strategically. Many experts branding agencies are available in the market for executing this complex, challenging, yet an interesting task. In some cases, such repositioning was nothing less than giving rebirth to the identity of the brand. However, each one of them reaped fruits of this rebranding exercise & gained benefits.