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Digital Marketing
There is no denying the fact that social media platforms have impacted the way we do business. Today, despite the popular belief, a social media presence is a vital tool any business must possess. Especially, when you are a small business in a competitive market. However, choosing one efficient social media platform that matches with...
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WhatsApp Marketing Tools
Ever since the messaging app giant-WhatsApp released WhatsApp Business App in selective countries – Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, and United States, India and UK- business in these geographical areas seem to be in a race to utilize the features of this update to its best potential.  For the uninitiated, WhatsApp Business App is an update of...
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How to Get Your Startup Going With Digital Marketing
Digital evolution is the fastest evolution ever happened to humanity. Marketing was once a slow and gradually developing stream but in the last two years, it has witnessed a rapid growth along with diversification and development. While enterprises are putting their best foot forward to participate in the race of digitalization, startups, with limited budget...
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Social Media Branding & Marketing Trend in 2018
With steaming competition, brands are becoming more and more active in finding easy and effective ways to connect, communicate and engage their target audiences. With range of social media platforms and users attention span constantly decreasing, it is tough to crack through the customer’s thoughts and boost conversion. Moreover, the tough life schedules and hyper-activity...
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From a small enterprise to large organizations, all have started realizing the need for online presence now more than ever. According to a recent study, more than 81% of the people look on the Internet for a product or service rather than going offline on the storefront. Keeping in mind the importance of being available...
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Online Marketing
An important aspect of sales is to establish and nurture an emotion with your customers. The festive season can do wonders where sales can grow exponentially. But, are we aware of how to connect to a larger audience when geography is a constraint? “Reach don’t preach: Digital marketing is simply putting your customers first” If...
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A couple of hoarding and bunch of printed advertisements doesn’t make a brand. A brand stands on the grounds of reputation and trust, which can be achieved by connecting to the user directly. Making a hustle in the market and shouting out loud about what you sell, definitely, gives an edge. Online marketing has become...
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Digital Marketing | | social marketing
Entrepreneurs, business owners, and industry giants, every company need to showcase their brand online and expand their reach by overcoming the limitations of geography. A company invests a great deal but how often do they get the services or results as they were promised? In-house team vs. outsourcing  Some companies have the manpower to get...
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