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Choosing The Right Social Media Platform for Small Businesses

There is no denying the fact that social media platforms have impacted the way we do business. Today, despite the popular belief, a social media presence is a vital tool any business must possess. Especially, when you are a small business in a competitive market. However, choosing one efficient social media platform that matches with your business requirements is better than associating with all at once. As you are a small business, you must have limited resources to spend on your social promotions, it is recommended to focus on one and not all, to better allocate these resources.

What to consider while choosing a social media platform?

There are a few things to keep in mind while you are choosing the best social media platform for business. The list includes Target audience, style, and capability of the platform, expenses related to the platform and finally, what are your goals with social media marketing strategy. An expert social media agency- Radiance Solution, has reviewed top 5 social media platforms for businesses. Here are the complete details:

Facebook for Businesses:

Facebook is regarded as the most powerful social media platform for businesses. It has a closely woven network of over 1.28 billion active users on a monthly basis. Because of this high traffic, a business has a higher probability of finding the right set of target audience. The platform provides a pitch for both paid as well as organic content. Also, it is solely on your discretion as to how your profile appears- you can alter the profile picture, cover picture, about our content, featured images and all integrated content.

However, if you are finding a platform for selling, Facebook isn’t the right choice. Although Facebook allows selling but it is more of a platform for crafting your identity. This is a platform where you can share the insights about your business or launch of a product or service or maybe about your team and their contribution.

Twitter for Business:

Finding a place to converse, haven’t you tried Twitter lately? It is the one platform that has been making a buzz for quite some time because of offering a podium for impromptu type conversations. The audience here is quick, witty and always ready to respond. Sharing news, updates, forums, questions or debates is what you can do on this platform. The hashtag feature is what makes Twitter a fast medium to reach the audience across the globe.

LinkedIn for Businesses:

A professional social media platform, LinkedIn is all about B2B conversations. It is where you meet vendors, future partners, funds, business tie-ups and other links that help you in your business, one way or other. The platform can be termed as a networking event where you can deal with potential contact across the border, right from the comfortable chair of our office.

You can ask questions, check profiles, ask for referrals as well as recommend others as and when required. The platform has 106 million monthly visitors.

Instagram for Businesses:

Looking for some publicity and have lots of things to show, Instagram is where you must head to. The platform is more useful for business that has visuals to share like the travel industry, designers, real estate agents and more. It is also integrated with Facebook which helps in advertising. Also, just like Twitter, Instagram has the hashtag feature which allows users easy navigation to any specific post or picture. The platform has 600 million active monthly users.

YouTube for Businesses:

When you need an answer to your question or a dose of entertainment, it is YouTube that we chose. However, besides the entertainment factor, YouTube is also a platform for businesses. However, you can profiteer in this platform with the significant investment of time and skills. Creating an engaging conversation is not easy and engagement is what YouTube is all about. This is primarily a platform for influencer marketing.

At Radiance Solution, we help business find the perfect social media platform and proceed with the best social media strategy. Our experts know the nitty gritty of each platform and ensure you exploit the power of social media for businesses to the fullest.

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