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Future of Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Technology titans and their experts have predicted that there shall be a revolution with automation and AI in various industries. Humans have built machines by utilizing technology in every possible way.

Difference between automation and artificial intelligence

Automation came into effectiveness when there was a need to reduce manual labor. The time investment was another factor, which was taken into account when we compare human Vs. machines. Mankind developed hardware and software that can simply carry out operations on the basis of an in-built man-made protocol. We have developed and grown by following this strategy for years now. Automatic cars & appliances, heavy industrial machinery, etc. are few of such setups.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, has the capability to take technology to another level. We are talking about machines that could not only communicate through data but also respond to a query with the solution. Yes, you read that right, machines can think and decide a yes or no depending upon a situation.

Thus, Automation has already become one of the inevitable parts of our life but AI will bring out the evolutionary changes in the near future.

Getting started with Artificial Intelligence

Talking about automation, a lot of industrial setups has already adopted this technology and are now implementing it in production, manufacturing and other aspects. Organizations such as Microsoft, Google and Deloitte are now more keen to know how AI would play a role if brought into full functionality.

Artificial intelligence would require machines to do tasks, which would not only lead to perfection but would also save a lot of time and resources. AI would have huge scope in sectors such as healthcare, finance, education, aviation etc.

Future with machines!

The day is not far when people will not have full-time jobs. Machines might take over every possible industry. There would be profile such as “work experts” who would be predicting the future of employment with AI.

We would have fewer jobs for administrative and manual tasks while there would a setup where people would fall in either of these three categories: people working for machines, people working with machines and people working on machines.

“Wherever they will be working in the next 20 years, doesn’t exist now”. This is how Head of Google research responded when asked in an interview; “how to prepare for coming technology such as AI?”.

Where to look?

Mankind created technology to have a better future. As of now, technology has become too powerful to take the future away from our own hands. Realizing that machines would be having a great impact in the coming years, the right question to ask is “what is the future of mankind?” Being human shall soon be a skill for tomorrow.

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