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Impact of Digital Marketing on Sales at Festive Season

An important aspect of sales is to establish and nurture an emotion with your customers. The festive season can do wonders where sales can grow exponentially. But, are we aware of how to connect to a larger audience when geography is a constraint?

“Reach don’t preach: Digital marketing is simply putting your customers first”

If you are a local seller or a small enterprise and serve your customer locally then the digital platform can be a great medium to increase your consumer base. Festivals can bring huge footfall for business but it’s important that only the target audience should be entertained.

Most of the audience usually knows the product they are looking for but are open to buying from any business store. These unclaimed customers can be converted easily if the digital presence is strong.

Here is a list of few benefits of using digital marketing:

1. Cost-effective

Traditional ways of marketing can be expensive and offer less target audience. During festival times, a full-page newspaper advertisement or a hoarding costs way too much and is beyond the range of small and medium enterprises. Thus, the digital platform can prove to be very economical. A simple advertisement on social media pages or registering firms on free platforms such as Google My Business can create brand awareness online and thereby increase conversion rate.

2. Interaction with the target audience

When you try using traditional marketing methods during a festive season it may not reach the target audience. In the case of online marketing, a customer shall reach you only if they are interested in your product and service. Thus, more target customers shall result in more sales.

3. Expanding your reach

You may be a Retailer of a festive product such as candle, crackers and may have unique gift packs for special occasions but your reach shall be limited up to a few kms. To expand your business presence and increase sales, online platforms can be a boon.

4. Building Trust Online

Any digital platform gives the consumer a platform to express their view and experience on their previous purchases. This could help a brand develop trust among other consumers by delivering excellence thereby increasing sales.

5. Bring call for action

By furnishing details online, request your customers for feedback or ask them to subscribe to your updates. You can even activate call and message options on Facebook for direct consumer interaction.

6. Entering competition

Once you establish your presence online then you compete with every company and enterprise that has the same product line or service. You might pull sales from big setups and give tough competition. This will help you to get recognition and create your brand awareness.

7. Revenue

By creating a simple profile online, you can increase your sales and revenue. Do understand what market demands and pay attention to timelines and quick responses.

Thus, digital marketing platforms have opened the market for every Small medium enterprise along with top-notch companies.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone”

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