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About SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has gained popularity ever since people have made a shift from offline modes to online platforms. It has only been a few years since website owners and bloggers have started paying attention to details such as keywords, meta, titles, and rankings.

“This is the era of less is more with SEO”- Adam Audette

Due to such a sudden shift, millions of SME’s (Small Medium Enterprise) have become active in Internet marketing and giving up on the traditional methods thus; bringing in heavy competition. There are two ways of using SEO. Firstly, using SEO for making website friendly on a search engine and secondly, using SEO for improving your website’s ranking.

Search engines such as Google & Yahoo shows millions of search results for every query. But how can we make sure that we would end up in those search results that to on the first page of Google?

“Social may be sexy but search still pays the bill”- Tom Pick

Well, here are 6 reasons why you should opt for SEO while promoting your content online.

1. User Experience: A Good SEO website ensures improved user experience and enhanced website navigation.

2. Target Audience: The user’s who search for a particular category or product happen to click on the top 5 results. A Good SEO blog, content or website would have a better chance to get their target audience.

3. Gaining Trust: Your website would gain more trust if the search engine displays it among the top ten results or first page. Thus, content or website with strong SEO would definitely contribute to this factor.

4. Tackling Competition: If you wish to make your way through the humungous competition, then SEO could be the key. To stand out among the hundreds of website that are selling the same product or service as you are, then strategizing your content with good SEO is essential.

5. Social Promotions: People surfing randomly on the Internet might end up on your website. If they share a piece of article or information from your site to other social media platforms, it could help in getting more traffic.

6. High sales: websites are a channel for a company’s sale, specifically if they are looking selling a product or service online such as an e-commerce company. A good SEO practice followed by a website would drive more traffic and shall ultimately result in more sales.

Thus, SEO is definitely the direction that your website needs. Working hard on SEO and following good practices of aligning it with your content will surely drive more and specially targeted traffic. The average time a person spends on their phone and laptop is 4-5 hours a day searching, shopping, getting deliveries or ordering online. Thus, the websites could take it as an advantage by reading their audience mindset.

“It’s much easier to grow your business by getting more traffic than by playing with your conversion rate” –Szilagyi Balazs

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