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Childhood and learning

Innocence and playfulness are the highest forms of childhood. This phase could be cultivated and nurtured into some great learning. Pre-school education is very crucial when it comes to molding a child in early years. Music, graphics, and surrounding elements can contribute to a great extent.

The children can absorb things better while playing which cannot be taught better in any other form. If learning and playing go hand-in-hand, the education becomes much easier.

“Play is the highest form of research” -Albert Einstein

Kidlearn Application, powered by Radiance solution, introduces a brilliant platform for kids under 5. It is a mobile application that offers preschool learning solutions through visuals, graphics, and sound.

This interactive way of learning lays a foundation for kids, which helps in shaping their academics further. The platform is trustworthy and the test for the same has been with over 100+ kids so far.

Features of Kidlearn

The kids can indulge in creative learning for Hindi & English alphabets and numbers. There are simple yet innovative practice modules, which engages a child and eventually leads to mind sharpening and growth.

The design is thoughtful and elements present as references are something the kids watch in their daily surroundings. The navigation system for moving to and fro in the application is perfect for the application.

The application is compatible with all Android platforms such as mobile phones and tablets. The user can download the application from Google play store and install in the device. The application does not require any Internet service until it has an update of a new version by the developer. The application is free from any advertisements thus makes the experience delightful.

Services by Kidlearn

Kidlearn application has high implications in pre-school institutions and day cares. The utility of such applications can result in quick thinking and development among kids.

Kidlearn provides a dashboard to these institutions so that they can track the activities of these kids. The company also provides complete support on the application for hassle free application.

Kidlearn has its application in home-based learning where parents could educate their kids in a playful manner.

Child and development

Learning at early childhood matters, as the impact of the experiences at this age last longer on the mind, health, and behavior.

According to a study published in Harvard University press, more than one million new neurons connections establish per second during the first 3 years after birth. Depending upon the activities and environment a child faces at this age decides his upcoming growth.

Thus, Kidlearn helps in the growth and development of a child. The developers built the application by keeping in mind many factors that may affect a child’s mental development. Also, it is different from the other applications in the market, which have complex structuring and are hard to operate.

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, the morning more fragrant more than ever again”- “Elizabeth Lawrence

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