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List of Top Online Advertising Companies in India

On average, a person carrying a mobile checks its 150 times in 4 hours. Or, you can roughly say that 1 time in 0.625 seconds. That’s just a part of math, but the fascinating fact is that over 1.2 billion people are using mobile phones for shopping or making a purchase decision. Such numbers might numb any competitor, and if you are into business, capitalizing on these statistics can catapult your business to the next stardom.

But getting on top of the search results when there are more than 1 billion & + websites active as we discuss this topic make the business realm extremely competitive. Everyone wants to be at the top of the search results, as that would mean business for your company. But to live that ambitious dream, you need the best brand development companies. These companies should not only help you optimize for search rankings but also position your brand strongly in the competition.

So, the bottom line is that a digital marketing company that comprehensively works on all fronts will give the much-needed push to your business to grow and dominate the competition. But the real challenge is that as the number of websites is growing, there is a parallel growth of multiple digital marketing agencies providing a comprehensive solution. So, how do you narrow down the search to some of the best in the business? Well, to help you as a business, in this blog, you will get to verify and analyze the top digital marketing companies based on their specific credibility in the market. Just analyze that as per your requirement and take the best one onboard that serves the purpose. So, let’s start with the research to help you find the best in the market in various marketing segments.

Which Are the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India?

  1. Web Chutney 

Web Chutney has been credited with some of the most promising campaigns that have helped the clients to sustain in the competition. This company has the recognition of having some of the big clients from the industry like Microsoft, P & G, Airtel, Unilever, Wipro, HDFC & Titan. They have also received the DMAI award for their project Remit2India, Standard Chartered and Cleartrip.

  1. Pinstrom 

Pinstrom is not just famous in India but also around the world. Their innovative approach has won them many accolades in the field of web strategizing, mobile-friendliness, SEO, Facebook and Twitter campaigns. This company has been serving prime brands like Walt Disney, Yahoo, Canon, HSBC, CCD, ICICI, ET Now, and GQ.

  1. WatConsult

WatConsult helps in business optimization, branding and promotion. They are the market leaders for services like digital marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, mobile marketing, digital analytics and digital video promotion. Having won the DMAI Gold Award for a best disruptive digital campaign, they are the best to consider for comprehensive digital marketing promotion.

  1. Intellemo 

This digital agency has carved a niche by creating and delivering the first customized e-Commerce marketing model that has taken support from technology and automation to bolster and empower branding in the competition. This company has been consistent in ensuring better lead generation, marketing automation and branding via their smart innovations. They have created a long list of dedicated clientele like UrbanClap, Yatra, Lenskart, CompliancePoint, FansRave, Square Listings, and EnterpriseDNA by adding real value in their operations.

Which is the Best Advertising Agency in India?

  1. DDB Mudra Communications 

DDB Mudra Communication stands on top of the list as the best advertising agency in India with the expertise to handle media, outdoor, retail and experiential forms of advertising. This media-advertising agency has the reputation of bagging national and international awards in events like Cannes, Spikes Asia, Clio, Adfest, Abby and OAA.

  1. Grey India

As a US-headquartered advertising agency, Grey India has delivered valuable marketing and advertising for top clients like Sensodyne, BNatural, Gillette, Dell, Crocin, Indian Air Force, Tic-Tac, Ferrero, Fortis Healthcare, Pantene, Cadbury Silk, and Kinder Joy. They are the best in the market to consider for retail designs, visual designs and other fixture design specifications.

  1. Rediffusion Y & R

Having created a niche-based audience for advertisement, business consultancy, web designing and social media promotion, Rediffusion has shown resilience, innovation and affordability in their service delivery. As a result of the approach, they have grown significantly over the years from one small office in 1973 to 187 in 2019 spreading in numerous cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. They have also spread beyond the borders by setting up their presence in Sri Lanka lately. With some of the reputable clients like Tata Motors, ITC Stationery, Eveready, Hamdard, Ambuja and Emami, they have a long way to go and leave a permanent imprint on the minds of the customers.

  1. McCann Erickson India Ltd

McCann has been duly recognized as the highest-ranked company for advertising for branding and promotion. Earning the recognition of Global Agency of the Year by AdWeek, three times, they have created their presence and established themselves strongly in 120 countries. Their persistent endeavour and consistency in meeting with the client’s expectations have helped them include top names in their portfolio like Loris, Spirite, Mastercards, Microsoft and Coca-cola.

What is the Best Digital Marketing Company?

As a business or an entrepreneur, you want your entity to be in everyone’s mouth and mind. This ambition is easier said than done, but some of the best digital marketing companies have delivered unexpected or impossible for multiple businesses. Best brand companies have survived in the tough competition because they could promise the following things to the clients;

Best Reviews

They had the passion and dedication to show what makes them stand out from the rest in the competition. While you are on a quest to find the best digital marketing company, always carefully follow the reviews that they have earned. This will help you to differentiate them from the rest in the competition.

Led By Setting up Examples 

Those companies that have gone above and beyond in the discharge of their responsibilities need to be present on your radar when you seek the best marketing company. It is tough to know who is the best but do not be skeptical; those who have earned reputation and awards have a lot to convey. You can trust them for your marketing and strategizing, and they are bound to deliver on all your agendas and ambitions.

Who Are the Big 4 Advertising Agencies?

After all the brainstorming, analysis and research, if you are still not able to make up your mind to find the best company, here are a few top 4 noteworthy mentions that you shouldn’t miss for advertising about your brand.

  1. Omnicom
  2. WPP
  3. Publicis
  4. Interpublic

When you want the best for you advertising, do not miss out on these names if you have a massive budget. These four advertising companies have covered the entire world by delivering their premier services in MENA, Advanced Asia, Japan, Western & Central Europe, North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Fast Track Asia. Collaboratively, these four advertising agencies have made more than $20 to $25 Billion approximately.


When you consider the importance of digital promotion and influence of mobile devices and technology in favoring the buying patterns and purchase preferences, it wouldn’t be wise to overlook the clout of digital marketing and advertising. But best results only happen when you have a passionate team, who is innovative and disruptive in their approach to understand the market dynamics and blend accordingly to muster the best results for the brands. In this blog, we have covered some of the best in the market that can significantly turn the roulette in your favor when you want the best marketing and promotion.