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SEO Vs. PPC: Which is more profitable?

From a small enterprise to large organizations, all have started realizing the need for online presence now more than ever. According to a recent study, more than 81% of the people look on the Internet for a product or service rather than going offline on the storefront. Keeping in mind the importance of being available online to our customers, the business owners often get confused between PPC and SEO. Though both the methods are equally effective and help the business reach their target audience the main question arises: Which one to choose?”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of optimizing your keywords as per a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to boost traffic but it may take some considerable amount of time and effort. Pay per click (PPC) on the other hand is a quicker way of getting traffic by paying a fee for advertising your product or brand.

Consumer preference

As per a study, it is observed that more users tend to click on organic search results than advertisement by Google. Organic search results are obtained by SEO where target keywords match the requirement of a consumer. When a search result is sponsored, the advertisement of a particular brand comes on the top results of Google. Here the top searched keywords are paid. Thus,


When it comes to conversion, Pay per Click gets more conversions than SEO. It is the customized landing page that gives the edge to the PPC model. SEO also results in conversion but often take much time to appear on the first page of Google.

Speed Vs. Long-term

Pay per click is all about speed. SEO takes around 3-6 months of time to appear and maintain on the first page of Google where PPC takes a day. PPC campaign can be really expensive if the right keywords are targeted at the peak time in terms of the season or any particular time of the day. It can cost from a few rupees of thousands of rupees depending upon the traffic it successfully pulls.

In case an enterprise or an organization is working under strict budgets then it is always beneficial to work on SEO. Though it takes time the results can be great in the future. In PPC, as soon as the campaign runs out on funds the competitors would take over. Thus, PPC is a better option only when the investment is not a constraint.

Thus, all the above factors can still be confusing. It is always better to ask yourself the right question such as “How much is your advertising budget?” This is very important and shall solve 90% of the work. “What is the CPC for keywords in your niche?” Whether its CPC or SEO, it is all about Keywords. A high search keyword can be very costly and thus your budget might exhaust soon. Therefore, SEO is better for small and medium enterprises while PPC is favorable for big-budget companies.

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