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With steaming competition, brands are becoming more and more active in finding easy and effective ways to connect, communicate and engage their target audiences. With range of social media platforms and users attention span constantly decreasing, it is tough to crack through the customer’s thoughts and boost conversion. Moreover, the tough life schedules and hyper-activity of social content squeezes the window even more. Thus it becomes tough for brands to grab the user’s attention. Amid such adverse times, how are you planning to conquer the competition with the power of Social Media? Fret not, here are top 5 social media branding and marketing trends 2018 to include in your social media strategy for instant gratification:

Chatbots for faster customer service:

Chatbots are advanced, better and more responsive that they were in 2017. They aren’t anymore robotic and monotonous. In fact they provide you an instant connection with customers across the world by offering engaging customer services. As reported, by 2018, around 20% of the business content will become machine generated. With chatbots, you can not only connect with your customers instantly, but also provide a more personalised experience.

Chatbots are now able to create personalized messages as well as brand voice, which makes them more human like. Facebook reports 100,000 monthly active bots on the Facebook messenger application.

Ephemeral content for better engagement:

Ephemeral content needs no introduction. With Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram stories becoming the new medium to communicate, ephemeral content has offered business a way to connect and keep their users engaged. Usually the content is live on your social account for 24 hours and then is wiped off automatically. This allows businesses to share real-time experiences with the users. As it is available for a few hours only, users have to rush to take action. Create attractive and engaging stories to stay on the top ranking of your followers story feed.

Augmented Reality:

The combination of mobile devices and Augmented Reality is amazing. Because of its easy, quick and interactive nature, Augmented Reality comes as a boon to keep your target audience engaged.  The latest launch by Apple (iPhone 8 and iPhone X) have advanced augmented reality features that allow users to enjoy the enhanced experience. With Bitmoji, Snapchat has already joined the league and soon other social media platforms will follow-suite. You can introduce your products to the users through special filters and providing them a chance to check how a product will look when around. A value added AR that is shareable makes the best social tool for promotion.

The legacy of influencer marketing:

No matter what happens, human minds can be easily influenced with expertise. Incepted a few years ago, influencer marketing has been exploited by businesses for long. But this nowhere means it has lost its potential. Influencer market still is one powerful social media marketing tool, though a critical one. You need to be cautious while choosing an influencer for your business. Users seek reliability, authenticity from the influencers. There is no use of marketing your product with influencers that aren’t from the same field. Influncers who do not have a respected following over various social media platforms aren’t good either. Finding best influencers and building best relationships with them is important for 2018.

Videos will rule:

There is no way video advertising or content is going to lose its charm ever. Videos are the highest consumed content over the internet. The secret of a successful video lies with wooing your customers within the first 3 seconds of the video. Majority of social media platforms have come up with options to help businesses make user-engaging videos. You can utilize these tools and woo your customer.

Keep up with these amazing social media banding & marketing trends in 2018 and have a shining online presence with huge conversions. In case you require expert help, connect with us at Radiance Solutions. We provide credible & tailor-made social media services.

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