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Technology Consulting Services

Capitalize the prowess of Technology to the Fullest; Come partner with the experts

Technology has a great potential to offer benefits, however, only when used efficaciously. Radiance Solution is dedicated to allow business reap the core benefits of most suitable technologies, efficiently. As a team of technical experts with years of experience, we help businesses to align technology with their business goals. Right from selecting the best technology to supporting a smooth implementation and orientation phase, we make technology adoption successful for your organization.

Our Focus; to help you with premium technology selection

Radiance Solution is focused on enabling businesses to become technologically advance, by adopting the most suitable technology and trends. We, as a team of experts, thoroughly analyze the needs of the business and compare it with the technologies available, to come up with the most suitable match. By deep research, comparison analysis, pricing management and implementation efficacy, we make the most suitable matches to offer marvelous results. Our core services cover:

  • Analyzing and selecting the best vendor and technology
  • Assisting with the preparation of requests for proposal (RFP) and requests for information (RFI)
  • Business Process Management
  • Facilitating new technology introduction
  • Testing the performance and functionalities f the existing structure
  • Analyzing the optimization of the infrastructure available and the new technology
  • Assessing the system, implementing it and integrating it with the existing system
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management

We help you maximize & optimize your investments in technology

Technology Consulting Services

Radiance Solution is a company that is aimed to help businesses with optimizing their resources in the acquisition and implementation of technologies. With the right investment in the IT, a business can overall enhance its efficiency and profit maximization ability. Our core of competencies lies with Enterprise Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution System, Supply Chain Management, Customer Resource Management, Business Intelligence, and Information Integration solutions and related services including Test, Quality Assurance and Data Management.

Experienced, Dedicated and Committed Technological partners for every business

We are a team of consultants that are experienced, dedicated and committed towards their job responsibilities. We make sure that every customer engagement is catered with the best suitable solution. Our keen eye on the latest technological innovations and upcoming technologies help us stay ahead of the competition and aid our customers to do the same. We help businesses incorporate the latest as well as veteran technologies in the client’s infrastructure and systems to help them reap benefits and profits from the advancing technologies. We help you hone your edge and become more competitive to stand out of the crowd.

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