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Things To Keep in Mind Before Launching a New Website

There is no way you can survive in this digital world without having a website. A business, to reach its potential customers, cater to its existing customer and fight the cut-throat competition, needs to have a business website; there is no other choice. As a business, you better roll your sleeves and start arranging for a business website. But, before you do so, it is essential to understand a few things. To ensure you can come up with the best suitable and flawlessly running website you might have to hire the best web development company in Delhi. Even if you do so, you need to be vigilant with the process at all times.

It is okay to feel conscious and while going online with your new website. After all, your website is the place where your customers pay you a visit to know you more and do business with you. It is the very place where you welcome visitors, engage with them and convert them into long-time customers. Without a flawless website, this can be a little harder than expected.

To help you out in the successful launch of your website, here are a few things that you must keep in mind while launching a new website:

Never rush to it:

Often business rush to launch a website because they fear the rising competition. This is the most disastrous and common mistakes to commit. The records say that without proper planning, even best of the projects fail. There are a million things that can go wrong if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions. Plan the launch with your web development services provider so that he is prepared to deal with any bug that arises post-launch.

Audit Website links:

One broken or weak website link and there goes your website down the drain. A new website is a framework of many newly created URLs. Even if you have hired the best web development company, there are chances that you will have a few broken links on your website in the initial phase.

A broken link is an outcome of revamping or changing the URL address.  Your existing website URL gets listed with Google or Bing and whenever someone approaches you, they show them this as a result.

A common solution to this is “301 redirect”. With this tool, the web development service providers can re-direct your customers to the new address.

Have Awesome Content:

Audit all the content available on your website before you set it for launch. Many times, web developers in Delhi might miss a text box that has dummy text, “Lorem Ipsum” in it. This will have a very negative impact on visitors. Also check for any linguistic errors, keyword stuffing, typos, and spelling errors.

Re-check your contact form:

Your prime motive is to make connections through your new website. If you have a contact form on your website, it means you are assisting the traffic to reach you conveniently. However, you need to check whether your contact forms are functional or not.

Fill a contact form on your own and submit the information. Now check whether it reaches the prescribed location or not. If you have a contact form with every website page, you need to check each individually.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a constant parameter to implement on your website. No matter what, you cannot run a successful business website without search engine optimized content. To ensure you are always on top of search engine results, you must have keywords rich content on your website along with Meta tags, titles, Meta descriptions and more. You can hire web Development Company in Delhi, NCR for SEO services.

Timely review, improvisation, and maintenance:

The best web development companies in Delhi recommend having a keen vigilance over your website. The digital marketing world changes every few minutes and to maintain the pace with these changes, you need to be quick and adaptive. Hire a web development company that scrutinizes your website, improve the flaws and maintain the functionality.

These are a few things that you must keep in mind before you launch a website. At Radiance Solutions, we have dedicated web developers in Delhi, NCR offering best web development services. hire us today to have a flawless website for your business.

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