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Top Online Advertising Company in India

“Google is piling up dollar bills because a startup, SMEs, MNCs and corporates believe that advertising on Google brings considerable business for them.”

Is the above statement mentioned with an exaggeration even legit? Perhaps, you may start to believe this when you get to know that 95% of Google’s revenues come from online advertisements. There has been a considerable growth of online advertising because many companies and brand believe that clicking on the ad is the first step to effective sales.

Not just this, there has been a consistent rise in ad revenues from 2011 onwards. It has reached a staggering US$120 billion in 2019 from US$0.07 billion in 2001. 

Companies and entities from different parts of the world are investing excessively for client conversion and customer acquisition. Last five years have seen a maximum jump of 50% in the cost of acquisition of new customers. All of these narrow down to advertisement, marketing and promotion.

Brands and companies are quite concerned about advertising aggressively because maximum purchase decisions are made over smartphones, and there are more than 3.5 billion Internet users in the world. When you closely analyze these aspects, you can correlate the same with your business model where you have invested so much on PPC campaigns and SEO.

So, when advertising has such a contribution to business growth and expansion, many companies do not want to trust newbies and amateur ad agencies for their campaigns and promotions. If you want to learn which are the Top 3 advertising, marketing and branding agencies in India to trust for your next ambitious campaign, you are there at the right place. Let’s have a look at the best in the competition to help you in the next hiring decision. 

Which is the Best Advertising Agency In India? 

It will not be about just one advertising agency that will be covered in this section; instead, considering their contribution, we have included three to the list. So, let’s have a look at the noteworthy mentions. 

DDB Mudra Communication 

DDB Mudra Communication has consistently delivered on innovation and creativity to emerge as the top advertising agency in India. They have exceptional control and innovation to deal with media, outdoor, retail and experiential form of marketing.

Their consistency in delivering values have earned them awards at festivals like Cannes, Spikes Asia, Clio, Adfest, Abby, and OOA. By showing mastery in creativity in some of the ad campaigns of McDonald, and another most celebrated and viewed campaign, “ZiddiHoon Main—I am stubborn.”, they have built a long list of national and international clientele. 

Grey India 

Grey India has almost completed a century in the advertising business, and they have emerged as one of the most reliable names to trust for online and offline promotion and branding. Their consistency in meeting with the client’s target and delivering most innovative campaigns have earned them the reputation to include top brands like Sensodyne, Gillette, Dell, Indian Air Force and Tic Tac in their portfolio. 

Rediffusion (Y & R)

WPP Group has the reputation of being the best advertising agency in India and Rediffusion belongs to the same family of trendsetters. Ever since their origins, they have been known to create bold, fearless and highly creative work. Their uniqueness makes top brands like Tata Motors, ITC Stationery, Hamdard and Emami trust them for their ambitious campaigns. 

Which is the Best Marketing Company in India?

When a lot has been discussed about an advertisement, it would be a gross disrespect to not speak about top marketing companies because if the advertisement is a river than marketing is the ocean and every river ends up in the ocean. If you are doing a comprehensive plan than leaving out marketing in the form of SEO, SEM, SMO wouldn’t be a good idea. So, consider these three top companies for your next marketing campaign. 

Social Wavelength 

Social wavelength has the reputation of working with some of the best brands in the world, and they have even won the award of a social media agency of the year in 2011-12 and Red Herring Asia Award in the same year. This company has used modern innovative approach for promotion and marketing. Their approach has attracted top brands like Idea, HDFC, HUL, Nokia, Franklin Templeton Investments, Star Plus, and Just Dial to get associated with them for their promotion and marketing. 


They follow a creative and analytical approach in their branding and promotion. Whether the client demands search marketing, social media marketing, customer relationship management or content marketing, they play a pivotal role in achieving the success of the campaigns. The stupendous track record has earned them the “communication entrepreneur of the year” tag under their name.


Blog work has worked with numerous companies to work on their marketing plans by engaging the stakeholders in a one-on-one conversation, insight analysis, community building and co-creation of offering for business impact. They also help in content syndication, brand storytelling, and media planning to help brands grow in the competition. Some of their most notable clientele include Harley Davidson, Marks & Spencer, Mahindra, Allen Solly, Fastrack and Samsung.

Who is the Best Online Marketing Company?

Your search to get the best brand development agency ends here when you closely get to know about the top online marketing companies that are significantly contributing to the growth and expansion of numerous businesses. If you want best for your business, here are a few names mentioned that you could consider for the marketing and promotion.

Vieview Solutions 

For getting an effective SEO, SMM, SEM, ORM, ASO, Amazon SEO, Affiliate Marketing, B2B, B2C, B2B2C marketing, they are the best option to avail within a limited budget. Based in Hyderabad, they have built a reputation of meeting with the toughest challenges of clients in promoting and ranking their business in a short time. 


They have multiple offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai providing a high return on investment based services like social media strategy, display media, comparison shopping engines, and conversion optimization. Their market reach depends highly on the affordability and quality they promise for every project undertaken. 


CIS has more than 14 years of experience in IT and marketing, and they significantly add value to the brands and companies by creating an undisrupted connection with the clients and customers. They have a great track record of using off-page and on-page marketing strategies to help build brands and generate business for them. 

Which is the Largest Ad Agency in India?

In the earlier part of the blog, you learned about the best ad agencies, but nowhere the largest one was mentioned. So, if you are searching for the largest ad agency in India, it is got to be Ogilvy & Mather. Yes, you can completely trust them for the most challenging ad campaigns, and they will bring the best value to your campaign and business. 


Online advertising has vast potential, and over the years it will grow, but brands and corporates will have to closely analyze the tech trends as the way mobile commerce is changing the business realm, new technologies will emerge and further disrupt the fabrics of marketing and advertising in the near future.