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Understanding WhatsApp Marketing & Marketing Tools And Their Impact on Businesses

Ever since the messaging app giant-WhatsApp released WhatsApp Business App in selective countries – Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, and United States, India and UK- business in these geographical areas seem to be in a race to utilize the features of this update to its best potential.  For the uninitiated, WhatsApp Business App is an update of the messaging app that allows businesses to use WhatsApp as a business marketing tool within their organizational business marketing strategy. While businesses were busy contemplating the ways to integrate the WhatsApp new feature into their strategy, WhatsApp came up with yet another update in India- the WhatsApp Payment through UPI Gateway in its Beta Version.

This was the best mobile marketing strategy revolution that started with WhatsApp update and soon every business, no matter a startup, an individual or an enterprise- was busy on finding ways to integrate WhatsApp upgrades into their existing mobile marketing strategies.

WhatsApp Business Marketing Tools:

While businesses were focusing on the integration part, developers were engrossed in making WhatsApp Marketing Tools that make the process easier and more user-friendly. Just like all other digital marketing aspects, the marketing and automation tools for WhatsApp marketing enables businesses, brands, individuals and enterprises to expand their reach and address to a wider span of the audience in much lesser time than before.

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there is no paid advertisement provision on WhatsApp, yet, it has more potential that these websites combined to influence your target audience.

The abundance of third-party applications for WhatsApp, software, tools, services, and scripts allows easy expansion of your marketing list and quick response from the target audience.

Impact of WhatsApp Marketing Tools on the Business Marketing Strategy:

Undeniably, Chat marketing is the new way business connect with its customers and it is one way to best benefit your customer-centric marketing strategy. With the ability of almost doubling the client conversion rate the WhatsApp for business applications has now come up with another update, WhatsApp business API.   E-commerce is widely dependent on customer interaction and customer satisfaction and undeniably, WhatsApp is the best platform to maintain both.

The reason that WhatsApp has been so far the best marketing app is that it is already being used by millions of people. It has over 1.5 billion users across the globe, what else does business requires to reach a customer base that offers such a huge deposit of potential clients.

WhatsApp allows three basic ways to connect with the clients through messaging on WhatsApp including:

  • One-to-one Chat:

You have your clients contact on your phone, great, you can use WhatsApp to reach to the client and foster your relationship. There are various other ways to connect that simple chats. You can try audios calling, video calling, voice messages or send advertisement images and more.

  • Broadcast List:

When you want to send bulk messages to a considerate number of contacts, you can use the broadcast list option on WhatsApp. The message will appear on the recipient’s screen as a normal message without details of other contacts in the list. Just like the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) works.

  • Groups:

If you want to connect to a larger audience and want to continue the conversation, you can try WhatsApp Groups. You can make a group with two to 256 contacts and enjoy business-related conversations freely.

WhatsApp Business Marketing Tools enhances your ability to enjoy the three modes of communication that WhatsApp has to offer. Moreover, these tools have a number of benefits, when implemented efficiently, that a business can enjoy.

The digitized way of marketing:

The highly customizable nature of WhatsApp Messages is what makes WhatsApp Marketing highly beneficial for businesses. Moreover, with the use of right WhatsApp marketing tools, a business can send a highly customized, automated and impactful message to its existing and potential customers.

Targeting the right audience:

As per reports, WhatsApp is primarily used by people in the age group from 18-30 which is the primary audience of most of the business. With the right tool, businesses can target the right potential audience and advertise more accurately.

Reaching multiple clients at a time:

WhatsApp Channels for marketing is one effective way to expand your reach. Various third-party vendors offer a list of WhatsApp enabled numbers for business which can be utilized for bulk message sending.   A vendor typically offers a list of more than 1000 contacts, also known as WhatsApp channels.


Business is a complicated entity and there is a lot that demands your attention all the time. In case you are very pre-occupied and do not have time to supervise your WhatsApp marketing campaign, then WhatsApp marketing & promotional service provided by WhatsApp Service providers Delhi is what you need. The services providers ensure you enjoy all the benefits of WhatsApp marketing uninterruptedly.

WhatsApp Marketing Services & WhatsApp Marketing Tools are the future of mobile business marketing. The sooner you integrate them into your business the better you can enjoy the power of mobile marketing for businesses. At Radiance Solutions, we are one of the best WhatsApp Service providers in Delhi, contact us for more details.

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