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Why is The Video A Vital Element of Your Marketing Strategy?

If you are developing the marketing strategy for the coming quarter or year, make sure you have videos on top of the list. Videos can be either promotional or for some information you wish to circulate. Once they hit the online and offline portals, more people tend to watch and absorb the content. Videos can be a wonderful platform to connect with your audience. Sharing videos ending with a good moral or content with a personal story can pull a greater audience.

According to a report by demand metric, 70% of the companies prefer to market their content through videos while 82% assure a positive result out of it. With these numbers on the chart, incorporating videos into your marketing plan can play an essential role.

Here are a few pointers of how videos can be a great marketing help:

Identifying targets

A marketer needs to understand two things, first what he wishes to achieve through the video and second what is his goal? The video could be used either for brand promotion & awareness or can act as a recruiting tool.
Eventually, the content should also meet the requirement. Once the expectation is set, the goal needs to be defined. The goal could be various factors such as the number of impressions, the number of viewers, the number of shares a video has received, etc.

“More than 500 individual sees videos every day on Facebook”

Video relevance

The video shall only be relevant if it reaches the target audience. The content if circulated randomly will miss out on sharing. The content reaches multiple platforms when audience shares on their network. Hence, it is important to understand the relevancy. If the company circulates video among the relevant audience, there are more chances of the positive result.

“More than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute”


If you manage to engage your audience until the end of the video with your interesting content then what is your plan further? Have you given any thoughts on call to action? Well, you must request your audience to share it on social platforms with others or like it. You can also ask them to subscribe to your updates on the upcoming videos. This will help you promote your brand at a faster pace.

“Snap chat users spend more than 25-30 minutes of their day on the platform while 60% of the users contribute to its content”

Distribution channel

As per a report by Cisco, Video will engage 69% of the online viewers. Given the fact, it is advisable for the marketing companies to choose their platforms wisely. The content can be promoted through different channels where social media is an important platform. The videos should be developed that can make them compatible with both desktop and mobile sites.

Thus, every organization and enterprise should adopt this as one of the marketing strategies.

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