WhatsApp Business API​

Making conversations powerful by leveraging WhatsApp Business API solutions

Automate your communication process, minimize response time, and enhance customer service and satisfaction with the WhatsApp business chatbot

WhatsApp Business API: For every industry

Enabling better engagement, communication, and connection across different industry verticals.
WhatsApp Business API is for every industry that aspires to nurture its connection with the client.


Lays the foundation of transparent and smooth doctor-patient communication along with streamlining appointments, medication reminders, promotional messages, and health tips.


Creating strong user experiences with consistent support and communication Provides product and service information, sends promotional messages, and offers real-time assistance.


Teach beyond the classroom with stringer student-teacher relationships. Share assignments, updates, notes, test papers, and announcements with students in a simple click.

Travel & Tourism

Enhance travel experiences with the power of AI by sending itineraries, answering travel queries, and offering travel & tourism tips and guides.


Elevating the hospitality scene by automating bookings, confirmations, travel updates, and efficient guest interactions. Promotes seamless customer service and communication.

Financial Services

Bring security and privacy to financial interactions. Share account updates, OTPs, transaction alerts, and promotional offers with the clients.

Communicate Precisely with WhatsApp API

Communicate Precisely with WhatsApp API WhatsApp API revamps your customer communication by adding more precision, clarity, and efficacy to the message delivery. Connect with your customers like never before and create rich relationships!

  • Send important information, messages, and more

  • Share business information, news, latest developments and more

  • Ticket booking, invoices, brochures, user manuals, and more

  • Easy transfer to live desk

  • Streamline payment methods, send Promotional catalogs

  • Notify delivery timings, schedule, and pick-up information

  • Run loyalty programs for customers, dealers, and retailers

  • ‘Click to WhatsApp button’ on social media platforms

  • Find Service Centre, Branch, ATM ‘near me’

  • Easily integrate  CRM, ticketing systems, ERP, HRMS, POS

  • Collect data from customer satisfaction surveys swiftly.

  • Automate replies for frequently asked questions.

Enhancing workflow efficiency with WhatsApp API automation

Our formidable WhatsApp API platform allows businesses to custom-create bots that automate business workflow. These bots automate an array of tasks such as sharing documents in different formats to boost sales, customer service communication, scheduling, and other relationship-building processes. Ther flow creation nodes include:

  • Question Button Set up
  • Pop-up options
  • Messages with multimedia files Set up
  • Linking business webhook
  • Creating conditions
  • Connecting to the Live Chat panel

Bring the human touch to your WhatsApp messages

Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp and Human-Agent interactions to offer enhanced user experience. Our Boit to Agent transition allows you to easily bring human intervention to an automated message trail in specific cases where human interaction can create more value for the customer and the business. The Human in the loop system by Radiance aids in managing the particular workflow requirement without any hassle offering seamless experience and more control of the process to the agent as he joins the chain.

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