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The scenario around us has changed significantly. None of us thought of this time coming our way. And to be honest, we were not prepared. Starting from China, the Coronavirus took a toll over the entire world and we all are struggling to fight with its effects; not only health related but how the virus has affected the economy- businesses dying a slow death.

Experts claim that this could be the worst time of the economy and businesses will have to put in a lot of strategy, planning and resources to stand back on their feet. However, when it comes to digital marketing space, the specialists have a different say.

At Radiance Solution, our team is all buckled up to help business overcome this dark era. There are solutions to survive this business depression and we sure know what to do and when.

In this blog you will learn:

  • Why coronavirus has made a chaos?
  • How digital market landscape would change?
  • What you can do to alter your digital marketing plan?

Why the hassle?

Covid-19 is not going to disappear soon. At least the current scenario and unavailability of a potential vaccine indicates it. People are losing jobs and probably will continue to lose more because businesses are stuck. The lockdown has kept businesses from operating and the money crunch is obvious. People have less money to buy what businesses has to offer and this will continue for some time soon after.

Inability to attract new customers and cater to the existing ones has made businesses weak. They have limited funds to pump in the pipeline and keep their business surviving. The dark future ahead makes business owners worried about what’s in store.

How digital market landscape would change?

The effects of Coronavirus have evidently affected the brick and mortar business model and as per the prediction, there will be no dawn soon. However, the digital space has shown the ray of hope. Businesses, which were not in the favor of taking the big step to operate online, are now devising a plan to engage with digital marketing services. As internet being the prime medium of engagement, they can see how more and more customer is spending its time over the web.

But, change would be there for digital world too!

It is unlikely that things will remain the same for the World Wide Web. However, the extent of it and the ways to come out as a leader are still some facts to ponder. Unlike many other crisis, Coronavirus pandemic is here to stay. The early stage predictions were that the virus would be long gone before it could significantly make a change to the digital world. However, the reality was different! Some businesses, Hospitality and Travel being the key, there is a little or no hope. But others, still happen to have time to prepare for the fight of survival.

It is time to rethink archaic marketing strategies, tools, and processes that were currently on plans and mold them according to the needs of the COVID-19 market conditions.

3 big Digital Marketing changes due to COVID-19:

1. Strategy

From website development services to social media management and Brand development service, every aspect of Digital Marketing starts with devising a concrete strategy. It is the best that we focus on the change in strategy first:

Changes to expect:

COVID-19 brought a ripple effect to the online marketing and the supply and demand graphs have been distorted significantly. It is the time that the best digital marketing agency in Delhi, changes its lenses to address:

  • What are the changes in the customer base needs?
  • How pandemic has changed the budgets?
  • Is the target customer still the ‘target’?
  • Is the current product/ service right to cater to the target customer?

How to win:

The key is to understand the pain points of the customers and make a new strategy around them. Fr instance, people are looking less for “near me” searches and instead choosing “delivery” as the keyword phrase. Changes should be planned accordingly and efforts should be molded to bring the client to the market.

Immediate actions:

  • Make a dedicated page to address the COVID-19 situation and build an image of a concerned business.
  • Advertising should be changed and made more creative through email and content marketing.

2. Social Media content:

Social Media marketing remains a staple for every business operating online. It is one medium that has kept consumers engaged very impressively. However, with Coronavirus, it has become imperative that businesses devise social media content to response to the customers with no time loss.

  • What changes to bring?
  • How to personalize the content message?

How to win?

First of all, the advertisement should be changed according to the prevailing conditions. You need to emphasize more on the Covid-19 situation and teach the customer how your product or service is helpful for them during the crisis. Secondly, the businesses have to understand the people are facing different adversities as per their current situation in the crisis. The needs of a customer who has passed the epidemic phase would be different than those who live in a community that is yet struggling or preparing for the worst to come.

So, customization would remain the key!

3. Branding:

Customer needs to know that you are with them in this tough fight. What could be a better way to express your empathy and send a message to your customers about you being aware than tweaking your brand identity. It is high time businesses focus on their branding and nip it to the COVID-19 norms.

How to win?

Did you lately notice that MakeMyTrip has a mask put on their app logo? Similarly the Big M of McDonalds, four rings of Audi and the ‘W’ of Volkswagen were changed to show social distancing. This gave a clear message to the customers. You can always engage with the brand development experts at Radiance Solution and let them offer you a creative change that aligns you with your customer’s COVID-19 expectations.

Wrapping it up!

The online scenario has received a blow but still has the chance to stand back again. At Radiance Solution, we are prepped up with the right skills and knowledge to help you regain your lost market share by operating online wisely. From content creation to brand management and strategic planning, with us you can rest assured for the best approach to come over the pandemic.