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Using Cloud Management Service To Transform a Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO)

A leading pharmaceutical Contract Development & Manufacturing organization (CDMO), AKUMS faced cloud VPS server management challenges. The cloud VPS server was running slow because of the increase in data due to the expansion of the company’s operations. This hindered the operational efficiency and growth of the company. The company relied on Virtual Private Server (VPS) for the company’s critical operations and hence faced persistent issues such as slow performance, poor backup processes, and storage space running out. This caused a grave concern for the company as it failed to work efficiently on its core operations while constantly being at risk of becoming non-compliant with the industry regulations. The lack of professional cloud management services made the problem even worse.

Team Radiance Solution helped the pharmaceutical giant overcome the problem by reconfiguring the server while removing the bugs. The detailed case study mentioned below will help you understand the approach of Radiance Solution for Cloud Server Management which helped the pharmaceutical business utilize Cloud Server features and capacity optimally.


  1. Slow VPS Performance

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) at AKUMS’ failed to respond to the company’s data storage requirements due to increased data from various applications running across the firm. This led to poor response times and frequent downtime of the server. The entire breakdown of the Server system hindered the smooth functioning of several manufacturing and administrative processes. The need to hire the best CLOUD service provider became vital at this point.

  1. Poor Backup Processes

Due to improper cloud computing consulting at the beginning, the backup processes were slow and always created doubt for poor backup results. Persistent risk of data loss along with the cumbersome restoration processes caused the company prolonged downtime when the server was undergoing the recovery process.

  1. Storage Space Issues

As the company constantly indulges in manufacturing, research, and development activities, the data generation of the company was on the higher side. Poor cloud assessment services led the server to fail to support the storage facility for the desired data volume and frequently showed out-of-space errors, forcing the company to slow down its operations.

Solution provided by Radiance Solution

AKUMS trusted Radiance Solution, a credible cloud management service provider to help with these critical issues. Radiance developed a comprehensive strategy focusing on professional Cloud Computing Consulting & Cloud assessment to address the problems and achieve sustainable results for performance optimization, strong backup solutions, and scalable storage management.

The steps taken under this approach included:

Step 1: To Optimize VPS Performance

Our strategy focused on the analyses of AKUMS’s existing VPS infrastructure. After identifying the key problem areas, our team of Cloud Assessment experts in India devised and executed the following solutions:

  • Reallocating the resources: As a part of our proven cloud computing consulting services we began by reallocating the resources more efficiently across the VPS server. Our team identified the key processes and ensured optimal CPU, Memory & bandwidth allocation for such processes.
  • Balancing the load: The load on individual VPS was high in the existing VPS setup of AKUMS. By implementing advanced load balancing strategies, we ensured that the load is distributed across multiple servers squarely and VPS functionality is at its highest.
  • Monitoring the performance: Our team set up several monitoring and performance tracking tools across the system to keep a constant vigil on the VPS system function and performance. This helped identify and eliminate the glitches before they affected the system’s performance.

Step 2: Developing and implementing a dependable backup solution:

To address the backup process failure, we took a 360-degree approach to Cloud assessment services and made the following changes:

  • Daily automated backup configuration: We ran automated daily backup configurations, ensuring that the company’s critical data was automatically stored and there was no need for manual intervention.
  • Enhanced recovery: To reduce downtime and ensure quicker and complete recovery, we installed advanced recovery tools to shorten the recovery time in case of a failure. Being the best Database security service providers in the region, we ensure that the company’s data is always safe with a quick recovery process in case of contingencies.

Step 3: Optimizing data storage

We crafted a multi-faceted strategy to optimize the storage space management function. Our solutions included:

  • Data archiving: We used archival space to store less used or older files. This freed up the primary space and enhanced the system’s overall performance.
  • Storage optimization: We optimized the available storage space and configured data compression techniques to ensure more data can be stored in less space.

Step 4: Remote Technical Session

Radiance Solution lived up to its reputation of being the best Cloud Computing Services company in India and conducted 3 hours of remote sessions for 2 days with the local technical team of AKUMS to help them understand the root cause of the problem and offer them insights into the new configuration.

Outcome & Impacts:

After Radiance Solution worked on the VPS problems faced by AKUMS, the IT infrastructure was significantly improved and made more efficient. The company experienced:

  • Enhanced VPS Performance: There was a significant decrease in the application response time which reduced the downtime and powered the productivity level across the company.
  • Reliable Backup Processes: The backup process was now compelling ensuring no data is lost and there is minimal or no need for recovery processes.
  • Scalable Storage Management: The storage space constraints were removed as AKUMS VPS now had advanced data storage & compression tech. This allowed the company to focus on its core operations and expand worry-free.


Radiance Solution proved its proficiency in Cloud Management Services by successfully addressing all the challenges faced by AKUMS. The company received highly optimized VPS performance, a reliable storage solution, and a sturdy backup system to fight data loss and downtime problems. This enhanced the operational efficiency of AKUMS while offering them the ability to work towards their business goals with no concerns about data safety.

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