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Digital Transformation of UPFORM Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.: Brand Identity Development, Web Portal Development, Social Media Management

A prominent player in the veterinary pharmaceutical market, UPFORM Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was looking for a digital transformation after working offline for two years. The company lost significant leads and market share because of its online presence. It also wanted to begin its online operations in complete sync with its operations to avoid downtime while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and service quality. UPFORM partnered with Radiance Solution, a leading digital transformation expert and social media management services provider, to achieve their goals. The following case study explains how Radiance Solution helped UPFORM undergo a smooth and productive digital transformation journey and enter the digital landscape impressively. It also outlines Radiance’s expertise in brand identity development services and web design and development services.


  1. Outdated brand identity:

The company started its operations in 2021 and despite spending two years in the market delivering the best quality products, was struggling to have a strong brand identity. This was affecting the sales of the company eventually leading to revenue loss. Due to high competition in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, it was imperative to have a prominent brand identity.

  1. Lack of a robust online presence

UPFORM operated offline for almost 2 years and experienced several problems including poor sales, lost leads, and underachieved monthly/ annual targets. To lead frog the competition, it was important to have a robust online presence through an impressively designed and developed web portal.

  1. No content management system (CMS)

Content Management System is essential for a web portal to be efficiently managed even by a non-technical individual. The company did not have a web portal and content management system, making it challenging to attract customers.

  1. Limited engagement on social media platforms

The company’s social media handles were performing poorly because of improper management. The company could not attract and convert leads through social media, thus losing a significant market share to its competitors.

Solution provided by Radiance Solution

UPFORM engaged with Radiance Solution to help with their challenges due to offline operations. Known for offering the best digital transformation services, the expert team of Radiance developed a Digital Transformation strategy focused on the following objectives:

  • Revamp Brand Identity: To develop a modern and consistent brand identity, including a Logo & other sales material for both digital & print purposes.
  • Web Portal Development: Design a user-friendly web portal with an integrated CMS for seamless content management. We utilized our web development and design services along with CMS services.
  • Social Media Management: Enhance UPFORM’s social media presence and engagement with the help of our seasoned social media management experts.

The below-mentioned steps were taken to achieve the objective:

Step 1: Developing Brand Identity Design

Logo Design:

Conducted in-depth research to understand UPFORM’s mission, vision, and values. Our best graphics designers collected data from company records as well as the stakeholders to make true identification of the company’s objectives. Analyzed and assessed the target audience.

Our creative team of graphics design services created many innovative logos that reflected the company’s values and commitment.

The company logo was finalized by the management and showcased a perfect representation of modern design elements and the company’s commitment to animal care and pharmaceuticals.

Other Sales Material:

Our graphics designers worked on the company’s brochures, business cards, and presentation templates, focusing on color scheme consistency, design language, and company reflection.

The brand identity development included both digital and printed marketing material.

Step 2: Developing Web Portal with CMS

Web Portal development

Our team of the best web designers in India worked on identifying the needs and expectations of the company’s distributors, customers, and stakeholders. With a clear understanding of the requirements, we designed and developed an interactive web portal for UPFORM that was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and highly interactive.

The key highlights of the web portal included:

  • Product Catalog
  • Detailed product information pages
  • News and updates section
  • Contact forms

Integrating CMS:

Under our custom website development services approach, we integrated a tailor-made CMS with the web portal to cater to the unique needs of UPFORM. The CMS integrated was very easy to use for non-technical individuals making it hassle-free to upload, edit, or delete content on the web portal.

We also offered training sessions to the staff at UPFORM to ensure that they have an in-depth understanding of the CMS’s features.

Step 3: Developing Social Media Management Strategy

Our Social Media Management team analyzed the current company’s social media performance and outlined the shortcomings. We then developed a detailed social media management strategy to increase user engagement, increase followers, and create more brand awareness.

Here we:

  • Created engaging content for different social media platforms

We created meaningful and engaging content along with a content calendar for different social media handles of the company. The content portfolio included informational posts, videos, customer reviews & testimonials, product highlights, industry news, and company news and updates.

  • Graphics designs and captions

We created and posted appealing graphics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • Community development

As a credible social media marketing service provider in Delhi, we worked on community engagement enhancement for UPFORM and actively engaged with the community by responding to comments, reviews, and messages.

  • Analytics & Reporting

We used Google Analytics and other social media performance analysis tools to get insights into the performance and reported the same to the company.

Outcome & Impacts:

Our association with UPFORM to deliver the best brand identity development services, web design and development services and top social media management services proved very fruitful with the following outcomes and impacts recorded:

  • Boost in brand perception

The new logo and sales material designed by Radiance were appreciated by the stakeholders (both external and internal) which enhanced the brand perception significantly.

  • Enhanced online presence

The company was operating offline till now and entered the online space with a highly interactive and engaging web portal which made it a prominent online player. The company experienced high traffic to the website and positive user reviews appreciating the user-friendliness and engagement ability of the website.

  • Increased social media marketing results

The company developed a great community expanding its user base by 50%. This significantly affected the conversion rate and brand loyalty among the existing customers.


The association of UPFORM and Radiance Solution proved as a great partnership that resulted in the successful digital transformation of the former. UPFORM today has a robust online presence with an interactive web portal and easy-to-use CMS. On social media platforms, Radiance proved its expertise in social media marketing services and had UPFORM enjoy great social media engagement and conversions. Overall. Radiance’s expertise in digital transformation proved vital in boosting the business growth and customer satisfaction level of UPFORM.

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