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Digitally Transforming SUKINO With Brand Identity Development, Web Design & Development With CMS & SEO Services

Sukino is a leading healthcare solution provider performing outstandingly in its field. The company was working hard to get their first funding approved and expand for which they needed to have a stronger presence in terms of Brand Identity and Digital Presence. Poor digital presence was also preventing the company from taking full advantage of its expertise in providing life-changing healthcare solutions to its clients. With advanced healthcare solutions to deliver, Sukino wanted to better market itself and polish its online presence while offering its clients unconditional accessibility to its services 24/7. Also, while working on these core areas, the business aimed to stay compliant with all the industry regulations and guidelines.

To achieve this, Sukino partnered with Radiance Solution to revamp its brand identity, design and develop an impressive and robust web portal with Content Management System (CMS), and offer effective SEO services to boost its online visibility and ranking on SERPs. The detailed case study mentioned below will help you understand how Radiance Solution utilized its knowledge of brand identity development services, web design, and development with CMS & SEO services and helped the healthcare business get a strong online presence along with a higher customer satisfaction rate that eventually led to better revenues and funding approvals.


  • Weak online presence

The company was losing significant sales and conversion from online mediums as it did not have a robust web portal and an efficient Content Management System. Also, as the company dealt with sensitive patient information, it was important for it to have a reliable CMS that prevents data breaches while ensuring full compliance with the industry rules and regulations.

Ensuring a web portal with CMS that is equally easy to use for tech-savvy users and those less familiar with digital interfaces was the major challenge that Radiance had to overcome. All this has to be done while maintaining scalability & high performance.

  • Outdated SEO approach

The company was not working proactively on its SEO approach which made it suffer from grave consequences including lost sales and low brand awareness. Also, the company was struggling to keep up with the frequent search engine changes that were significantly impacting its rankings.

Solution provided by Radiance Solution

Radiance Solution is known for its expertise in SEO services in India. It also holds the reputation of being one of the best web design and web development agencies in India with special expertise in Content Management System (CMS) development. The IT expert researched and developed a strategy to come up with a robust web portal for the healthcare giant and simultaneously work on enhancing the digital image & visibility while polishing the brand identity.

Steps taken under this strategy included:

Step 1: Web Portal Development

To create a seamless user experience for Sukino’s customers, Radiance was focused on efficient web portal development. The process included:

  • In-depth research: The first step was to understand the brand essence of Sukino, its customer base, and its competitors. The expert web developers at Radiance did thorough research to identify the key traits of its customers, stakeholders, and competitors to make a solid web development strategy.
  • Web design and development: the best web designers and web developers worked on wireframing and prototyping the web portal. The entire focus was on developing a website with responsive web design to offer the highest degree of user experience.

Step 2: Integrating the Content Management System:

Radiance integrated a credible Content Management System (CMS) with the web portal which allowed the team at Sukino to update content, manage products, and publish news and articles without any hassle. The Content Management System also contributed to better SEO ranking at a later stage.

Step 3: SEO services

Sukino required professional SEO services that could help them match pace with the rapidly changing search engine algorithms. To boost the search engine ranking for Sukino, Radiance took the following steps under its SEO approach:

  • Keyword research: The best SEO specialists in India worked on keyword research and identified high-impact keywords related to Sukino’s business.
  • On-Page SEO: We worked on On-Page SEO, optimizing the meta tags, images, URLs, content, and entire content as per the target keywords.
  • Technical SEO: As the best SEO agency in India, Radiance was dedicated to enhancing the technical SEO aspect of Sukino which included boosting the website speed, making it more mobile friendly, and ensuring the right indexing with Search Engines.

Outcome & Impacts:

Sukino, with the help of Radiance Solution, the best brand identity service provider, achieved the below-mentioned results:

  • Boost in brand identity: The revamped website and dedicated SEO efforts field the brand awareness of Sukino, helping the achieve a recognizable place in the market as a Brand. The brand identity now reflects the true essence of the brand along with its expertise and commitment to quality.
  • User-friendly web portal: The intuitive design and high-end features of the web portal were admired by both internal and external stakeholders. The web portal brought a significant increase in customer satisfaction levels and boosted sales.
  • Robust Content Management System (CMS): The advanced Content Management System (CMS) proved very significant in further boosting the digital marketing efforts of the company as it made content management super easy. Tech savvy as well as people with no technical backgrounds can now easily manage content on the company website to keep it up-to-date.
  • Improved SEO Performance: With the professional SEO services by Radiance, Sukino saw a significant boost in its website traffic. The organic traffic rose giving a boost to the search engine rankings of the company. The high search engine rankings also resulted in higher appointments and sales.


The comprehensive IT services from Radiance included the best SEO services in India and Web development & Content Management System services helped Sukino secure the top place in SERPs which established it as a more trusted and credible healthcare brand for the customers. This made Sukino an even more powerful brand driving more business to them while continuously boosting customer engagement.

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