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We ensure that you are back on your feet as soon as possible in case of an unfateful disaster. Post-disaster, DRaaS ensures that you get access to your IT infrastructure in no time and resume your functionality. You get all the benefits of this excellent cloud computing service model without owning the resources and we handle all the management for disaster recovery. Radiance Solution holds expertise in offering DRaaS consulting services ensuring that you get the full benefit of this excellent technology as a service model. Whether it is about your customized applications or standard apps and tech you use, we deliver you the best solution that fits your organizational IT usage and recovery planning.

Eliminate secondary DR options

With DRaaS, you do not need a secondary data center for backup means. Your data is secured and easy to access always.

Ease of storage

No need to have a like-for-like duplication of storage hardware between the primary data center and the DR site.

Free in-house IT resources

You won't need your IT staff to look over Disaster Recovery and instead utilize their expertise in other systems and applications.

Radiance Solution as the best DRaaS provider offers the

  • With unlimited capacity, with plans to help overcome any disaster that comes your way. We perform our duties while meeting the SLAs, ensuring you react and recover the right way in every situation.

  • Best assistance during normal operations as well as at the time of crisis. We come with resources to help your workloads run seamlessly before full recovery.  

  • With hundreds of DRaaS projects running, we consider ourselves as the consultants who are behind the success of Cloud systems in our client businesses.

  • Unique services for all businesses based on their needs as well as budget. Highly scalable solution that comes with an easy-to-afford price tag for all businesses.

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