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Managing leads is cumbersome and a critical part of reaching the end of the sales funnel. A lead management system helps attract, qualify, and nurture potential customers till the time they convert. With a quality lead management system, businesses can enhance the lead management process and achieve a higher conversion rate.

The Lead Management system by Radiance helps with

Our lead management system includes the following features


Efficient lead tracking

Do not miss/ lose any lead by getting a hold of the lead management process with LMS. A credible lead management system enhances the ability of a business to track and monitor leads throughout the sales funnel.


Strategic lead distribution

Strategic lead distribution Lead assignment is important to ensure quality leads are efficiently processed to closure. LMS allows businesses to automate lead distribution, ensuring the right lead allocation to qualified representatives and timely follow-up and engagement.

Streamlined lead follow-up

With automated reminders and notifications, the Lead Management System helps business keep their follow-up process streamlined. This contributes largely to customer experience and thus boosts conversions and profits.

Better transparency and focus on the sales funnel

Gain useful insights into a sales funnel and utilize analytics for informed decision-making with a lead management system. Streamlined processes contribute to efficient planning and execution of sales efforts and closure.

Boosting revenue and creating more opportunities

Identifying and tracking quality leads directly enhances the revenue generation capabilities of a business. A credible LMS enhances the power to attract, qualify, and monitor leads leading to enhanced conversion rates and an increase in revenue.

Lead Management Software: Top features

Radiance Solution excels in providing a quality lead management system with features including
  • Enhanced lead-capturing function from different platforms including website, social media, and other channels.

  • Easy, quick, and automated lead qualification process based on interests, budget, and purchasing authority.

  • Offering personalized and targeting notifications, reminders, and content to keep the qualified leads engaged.

  • Efficient lead scoring based on engagement activity and interest levels to streamline the follow-up process.

  • Tracking leads and identifying opportunities to improve lead nurturing throughout the entire sales funnel.

  • Empower the lead management process with better insights and analytics to boost data-based decision-making.

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