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Mobile Apps Development Services Come Handy With Android Base

In today’s society, mobile phones have become the necessity rather than a luxury and these mobile phone or smartphones are upgrading day by day with lots of technological innovations. With the help of technology, mobile phones have become so advanced that it feels like you are carrying a mini laptop in your hand. It serves all your purpose from attending calls to writing emails, from sending text messages to having video conferences and more. You name it and the little hand-held device comes up with the particular feature. All this is possible because of the various mobile apps. Various mobile platforms are used to develop these apps. These apps are first tested to assure its functioning and then only they are launched for end users. There is number of platforms available for these app developments like Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows. But amongst these various platforms android has always been the first choice for app developers.

Here we have tried to explore the reasons behind developer’s choice:

  • Easily Accessible: According to the recent survey, Android has the highest share in the market among smartphones. It captures almost 80% of the market. The Android software is conveniently accessible by any developer who has knowledge of Java and the Android SDK. Both the platforms on Android has the capability of developing various innovative and highly functional apps.
  • Wide market share: As discussed in previous point android phones enjoys 80% of the market which is approximately 1 billion in a year. It implies that it becomes the most favorite amongst investors who intend to invest in android development apps and games. The reason behind the same is very obvious that the number of Android users will lead to more downloads of these applications which in turn will prove profitable for investors.
  • Easy entry: An app developer who is keen to develop apps on android does not have to go through many processes to use this platform. There are not many barriers for a new entrant. One just needs to register themselves as a developer in Android market; they have to prepare an APK which has to be submitted to Android. The approval of the same does not have many complications and one easily gets the entry in the Android world of development. 
  • Platform for innovation and creativity: Being an open source platform, Android gives more chances to developers to implement more innovative and creative ideas in the creation of an application. It gives an opportunity to developers to explore vast and open resources of Android in order to improve quality and effectiveness of an application. 
  • Better compatibility with social apps: Social media is one platform which is growing at really high pace. Developers are focusing on developing social apps to maximize revenue. And android is really capable to integrate with these social networking sites which makes it the first preference for every app developer.
  • Free downloads: Having a wide and diverse user base, android offers maximum downloads for free. And even if some of its apps are paid they are relatively very cheaper as compared to other platforms like iOS or blackberry.
  • Relatively easy to learn: As per various app developers who have had experience of learning all app development platforms, Android is relatively easier to learn. Even if started from scratch it is faster and more convenient to learn.
  • Easy to Install: Unlike other applications, apps developed on Android platform have an ability to get downloaded from any source and not just from an android market. The tools that are part of SDK in android make downloading of an android app from any source possible. Apart from installing apps, it is also easy and convenient to test these apps on other platforms as well.

These many reasons surely indicate why Mobile Apps Development services come handy with Android Base. So, what is your choice?

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